Welcome to Runelords RuneWorks

The RuneWorks has ceased to trade, it is no more. However, much heart and soul went into the sites creation so I decided to leave a version in cyberspace, of which there is a downloadable copy below.

The Runic Charm Pouch comprised of 3 crystals of 3 frequencies, and 3 handcrafted runes. These are then embraced within a natural pouch. Merely handling it's contents creates a calming and clearing effect on the mind, and it's deeper design will prove a productive 'tool' of immeasurable value in the months and years ahead.

Please stay a while and try the RuneWorks RUNE CAST. A simple oracle of Norse origin, of a soul searching nature rather than fortune telling one. Simply focus upon an issue and press the Rune Cast button in the navigation bar. Counsel is then found free, from within one's Self, for all weary spiritual travellers.

From the navigation bar to the left you can find more information about the Runic Charm Pouch, the "Pseudo Science" behind it and a few links, some of which are veeeery interesting....

Thank you for visiting.

Lord Dream

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